The CROWD consortium partecipated to EUCNC 2015 in Paris.

CROWD showed part of the integrated testbed at EuCNC in Paris from 30th June to 2nd July. The title of the exhibition, CROWD solutions for SDN-controlled SDR networks with D2D, reminds to a specific study performed within the activities in the whole life of the project. The demo showcases the flexible architecture designed in the project for the deployment and control of services in the next generation of wireless networks, in which SDN, SDR and D2D play key roles. The demo makes use of an SDN controller developed in CROWD by using OpenDayLight to manage the SDR platform running both LTE-A and 802.11 NMAC protocols and radios, and to integrate such platform with network and higher stack protocols emulated in realtime. The demo presents a HW/SW platform for designing network services based on SDR and D2D. Labview-based PXI platform.


Additionally CROWD consortium presented 1 papers:

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