The CROWD consortium partecipated to EUCNC in Bologna.

CROWD invited by European Commission to join the list of early 5G precursor projects. CROWD consortium presented 2 papers:

and the demonstrator whose objective is show LabVIEW based PXI platform for prototyping dense LTE networks using open source protocol stack, for example (NS-3 LENA, and SISO OFDM PHY layer based on LabVIEW. This testbed uses open source components to significantly bring down the cost of building such testbed for research purposes. We also show how graphical system design based on LabVIEW and its integrated modular environment can speed up testbed development for next generation wireless technologies.



CROWD project at EuCNC 2014

Arianna Morelli

Intecs, Italy

Impressions about the conference

Christian Vitale

IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain

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