# Title Due date PU/CO (*)
D1.1Preliminary architecture design30/06/2013PU
D1.2Business cases, economic and migration scenarios analysis31/03/2014CO
D1.3Final architecture design31/12/2014PU
D1.4Final plan for the use of dissemination of foreground30/06/2015PU
D2.1Initial specification of wireless enhancements for very dense deployments30/09/2013PU
D2.2Final specification for the wireless enhancements functions and interfaces30/06/2014PU
D2.3Final assessment on MAC enhancements and cooperation techniques30/04/2015PU
D3.1Initial specification of Dynamic Radio and Backhaul configuration mechanisms30/09/2013PU
D3.2Final specification of functions and interfaces of Dynamic Radio and Backhaul configuration mechanisms30/06/2014PU
D3.3Final report on case studies and analysis for Dynamic Radio and Backhaul configuration mechanisms30/04/2015PU
D4.1Initial specification of Connectivity Management concepts and architecture30/09/2013PU
D4.2Consolidated specification for the Connectivity Management functions and interfaces30/06/2014PU
D4.3Final assessment on Connectivity Management for very dense scenarios30/04/2015PU
D5.1First integration report and intermediate software release30/06/2014PU
D5.2Second integration report and performance evaluation results28/02/2015CO
D5.3Report of demonstration and final software release30/06/2015PU
(*) Dissemination level PU = Public
CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)

Software releases

  • Here available the downloading of the code